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Using personal computers is easy!

Do you find the above statement TRUE for you?
Well that’s what most (not me) professionals in the IT industry will tell you.

I am Graham, and I have been a computing professional since 1974 and in my “professional” experience, I have found that many “IT Professionals” can’t use the damn things properly either (and they speak a strange language that most normal people can’t understand).

My businesses are based on providing help and practical cost effective solutions to everyday “real” people who need to use personal computers and the Internet as tools.

My primary aim is to assist my clients (Micro / Small Business and Home users) with:-
- Procurement of the appropriate “bits” of technology to suite their purpose.
- “Taming” MS Windows (making sure it is set up correctly, safe and up to date)
- What software they may consider using
- How best to use the software
- Managing the documents (files) they create
Backup of their documents
- Provision of ongoing service and support
- Advice with regards technology changes.
I have a reputation for innovation and not necessarily offering traditional solutions e.g. if you are currently using a file server, please take a look at to see what I mean (a “high reliability” Low cost  file server that I have designed exclusively for Micro and Small Business).
To find out more about the full range products and services that I offer, please visit

I am sure that you are aware that there are three certainties in life:-
(1) Death.
(2) Taxes
(3) Your Computer
will fail (when you need it most).

(The first 2 are usually attributed to Mark Twain or Abraham Lincoin, the third (I would like to think in this context) is mine).

I can’t help you with the first 2 but I will do my best with the third.

When your computer (PC or Mac) fails (and it is not a matter of “if”), you can (and/or I can help) get your data back that has gone with the demise of your computer, but only if you have an up to date backup copy of your “stuff” that was on your computer before it failed. uses well proven and easy to use technology to help prevent loss of your data (documents/files, photos, music, movies etc.) by making a backup copy of your “stuff” to a very safe place (data centre) via your broadband Internet connection. The back up takes place as soon as possible after you have added or changed a file/document, how quickly depends largely on the speed of your Internet connection. Your data is safe because it is stored in at least 2 locations and is encrypted to “Military Standard” (AES 256 bit, before it leaves your computer), so only you can access your “stuff” at the data centre, via an Internet connection.

You can also access your “stuff” when you are away from your computer, via any other Internet connected computer or device (iPad, smart phone etc.) via the web browser in a “Read Only” mode. If you wish to change or edit anything, you can download documents and then you can edit them.  You can upgrade your backup to full “Read Write” service if you need. Please contact me if would like to find out more about the “Read Write” upgrade option.   There is also an Android Smart Phone /Tablet App to access your data. You can stream music and video to your Internet connected device, in much the same way as “iCloud” (if you don’t know what iCloud is, don’t worry, I can explain if you give me a call).

Each computer in your account can have a separate login to keep each individual backup private. You can if you wish share your backup with other people if you give them your login details or I can help you with creating a shared account for just the data that you want to share.

If you inadvertently delete a document or file, your deleted file will be stored for 30 days before it is deleted from your backup. You can also access up to 30 previous versions of your current documents, so that you can trace any changes.

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