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Supported in the UK by phone and onsite in the Derby area.

If you think that you would like the backup service that I offer, but are not sure if it will suite your needs,
don’t worry. If you are not happy with the computer backup service that I offer, tell me within 14 days of opening your account, then I can close your account and I will not charge you a penny.

To open a backup account please complete to form below.
When I get your request I will call you to make sure that I understand your requirements.
I will then create your account and help you install and set up the software on your computer(s).
Once the software is installed on your computer your 14 day trial period will start.
Please note your backup only works when your computer is running and connected to the Internet
(backup will not run if your computer or broadband is switched off)

Payment for your account is due 14 days after the installation of the backup software.
I normally take your payment 12 months at a time, in advance, e.g. £36.50 (365 x 10p).
If you would like to upgrade the service with more computers or other features, these are also billed 12 months in advance, your account will be adjusted so that you only get billed once a year. I will bill you in advance for your renewal and your payment must clear by your renewal date for your service to continue. If you wish to cancel any service, I am sorry, there are no refunds. On cancellation or late payment your backup will be deleted from our system to ensure your privacy.

Please apply for your Backup account
by completing the form below

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Privacy Statement & Your Security.
None of your information or details that we retain will be passed to any other person, company, third party or the UK Authorities without an appropriate Court Order. All account details that we hold about you are protected by 256 bit encryption and multiple passwords. Your account password should be changed, by you, after your account is set up, we have no way of telling you what your password is, so make a note of it. You can reset your password if you do forget it, and we can help you.

We (and/or livedrive) will
never contact you to ask for your account details.  

Do not log in to your account if you are asked to from an unexpected email.

If you would prefer to be called outside of office hours, please indicate the best time to call you (above).

I can help you set up your backup by phone / remote control, outside of office hours,
up to 10 p.m., 7 days a week,
this service needs to be pre booked for a mutually agreed time and date
(there is no extra charge for this service).  


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