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Supported in the UK by phone and onsite in the Derby area.

To Sign In to your backup account, please use the web address that I sent to you when you opened your backup account e.g. http://??????????, where ??????? = 365Yourusername (normally your name, spelt as one word). Put the web address, I gave you in your web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, etc) address box ONLY, do not search for it, it won’t find it.

The address box

Account “Sign In”
When you sign in to your account to can do the following:-
- Download the livedrive (backup) software (you normally only do this once)
- Get the overall status of your Backup
- In “Backup” Details of your backup and you can view and restore files from here
- In “Account Settings”, Change your password (and other details)
- In “Account Settings”, Download the restore software tool.
Plus other features that may wish to review.
If you need help please use the “Contact” button (above)

Next you should see a similar page to the one below (this is my home page):-

The “Briefcase” feature shown on your home page can be added to the service that
provides for you, please get in touch for more information.

Sign in Help is operated by Graham Jacobs, Fellow of the Institution of Analysts and Programmers
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Enter your details here to login to your account (on your home page)

Normally you will only need the “sign in” help (below) when you first open your account or when you are away from your computer and you wish to access your “stuff” from another Internet connected device (PC, Mac, iPad, Smart Phone etc.).

Once the Livedrive software is installed on your computer, you can access all the settings and your backup account details from this icon (on your “desk top”).
No sign in is required for “day to day” use.

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